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Exploration Geology & Planning

Exploration geology to pursue discovery of economic mineral deposits is fundamental to targeting your project’s exploration and development goals.

Petroleum & Minerals, LLC can provide you with the mineral exploration support needed to advance your project and help you gain an adequate understanding and interpretation of the various phases of geochemical, geophysical, and geological work being carried out.

This is accomplished by:

  • Detailing the basics of deposit geology to mitigate risks.
  • Verifying the accuracy of your findings to establish your exploration targets.
  • Conducting an analysis of your geological data with time-tested and advanced geological modeling techniques.
  • Determining anomalies to generate mineralized targets.
  • Preparing geological models tailored to your projects needs.

By supplying a proven mining exploration team with over 30 years of experience in the international mining industry we save you the time and expense of building your own mining geology team, thereby efficiently accelerating exploration and  ensuring the success of your developing mining endeavors.

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Conduct of Exploration Programs

Organization and management of field work is essential while conducting exploration within a new region area, or if re-assessing an already prospected mineral area. Proper analysis of geologic data can enhance mineral value of the property by ascertaining the presence of sound mineralized deposits.

It is important for a successful exploration program to implement (from start up) adequate understanding and interpretation of the various geochemical and geophysical phases being carried out, in order to outline and determine anomalies to generate mineralized targets.

Petroleum & Minerals, LLC’s exploration geologists will conduct a thorough review of your geologic data to confirm the mineral potential being assessed by carrying out tasks using conventional and updated field techniques to outline and provide the necessary information in order to reduce risk, increase investor confidence, and motivate further follow up.



Detail Geology

Detail geology is properly achieved by means of geological mapping at initial stages to gather basic critical data for any exploration project. Our professional geologists and mining engineers have broad, hands-on experience in mining operations all over the world, and will apply their expertise and knowledge of the characteristics of the lithology and structures that may be controlling mineralization.

By understanding our client’s mining exploration goals and then assisting in preliminary investigations, Petroleum & Minerals, LLC may be able to offer methods and procedures to streamline and standardize the progress of a project. This means less time between prospect generation and prospect evaluation. Our exploration geologists will review the geologic data of your mining targets by utilizing  and verifying the accuracy of field work.

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Reserve Estimates

An independent reserve estimate and evaluation may provide a foundation to develop your mine. Our goal is to provide an accurate and credible assessment that may limit risk and help facilitate sound decisions.

With a wide-ranging knowledge in estimating resources for diverse commodities in all geological terrains, Petroleum & Minerals, LLC’s staff provides evaluation of reserves and resources on mining properties that contain either base metals and precious metals, industrial minerals, or energy minerals.

Further to the follow ups and detailed exploration stages, our experienced geological team will provide confirmation of reserve quantities and their grades using various techniques such as: database management, geo-statistics, geological modeling, and resource estimation.

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Conceptual Feasibility Studies

Demonstration of economic viability of projects from grassroots to the feasibility stages and into production is a vital task in our approach to assisting in the successful exploration and mining goals of any mineral endeavor.

Petroleum & Minerals, LLC offers a wide range of comprehensive pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for use in:

  • Investment decisions.
  • Exploration for additional studies on operating mines.
  • Feasibility of moving new prospects into production.

When developing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, Petroleum & Minerals, LLC utilizes its professional team of integrated experts to conduct a range of studies and analysis so you can receive appropriate, balanced reports that can help you make sound and educated decisions pertaining to the mineral processing, cost estimation, and scheduling for your operation.



Assessment for Production Financing

Whether you are planning to explore a new area, or thinking about acquiring or re-assessing an already prospected mineralized property, Petroleum & Minerals, LLC’s team of integrated experts can assist in the decision-making process.

By conducting an economic analysis, our mineral financial experts can guide you towards the appropriate next step, such as defining what the investment needs to be in order to make the project profitable.

Using our extensive worldwide, multi-commodity expertise, we then generate regional geological syntheses by collating and reviewing historic data to provide you with vital information about your project. This review may add to investor confidence and may help reduce risk.

Since there are often political and cultural components to consider in the international mining community that could impact project economics, our mineral economists diligently take these factors into account and offer advice and solutions to help manage risk by providing well thought out project plans for the successful operation of your mining property.

Once the exploration program has unearthed the deposit you were looking for,  Petroleum & Minerals, LLC is able to develop a conceptual project design by  tailoring a specific economic and organizational approach to determine the best course for your project.

This is done by establishing a project baseline through the preliminary economic assessment conducted by our mineral economists along with analysis of ore reserves, capital and operating cost estimations, market cost analysis, cash flow preparations, financial forecasts, and other market value studies.

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From our experience, our integrated technical team of engineers, geologists, and economists can contribute to the provision of assurance that a given project continues on schedule and/or within project costs.

Petroleum & Minerals, LLC can ensure your project is properly developed by customizing a project development plan that:

  • Limits risk.
  • Provides objective insight to help your mineral project succeed.
  • Assists in developing and providing cost saving measures to your international mining projects.

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Environmental and Social Impact

Petroleum & Minerals, LLC recognizes that sound environmental planning and social practices are paramount to the successful development of any mining property.

At Petroleum & Minerals, LLC it is our experience that the development of a mine using sustainable and responsible practices has the ability to result in higher returns for investors, ease compliance with government regulations, and limit the environmental and social impact of a project.

Environmental Impact Studies can determine if neighboring water sources will be negatively affected, whether archeological surveys are required, and what the environment needs to be returned to once ore deposits are depleted, in order to remediate the land back to its best possible natural state.

Social Impact Studies can determine how the mine will impact the surrounding communities and whether the project will contribute in the creation of jobs, the development and improvement of infrastructure, and assist to stimulate the economy in rural areas.

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