We are experts in extracting by-passed conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources and reserves in known hydrocarbon producing areas around the world.


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Data Integration, Analysis and Interpretation

Today, all data being acquired in the oil field comes in digital format. When evaluating mature areas and producing assets, we will be dealing with vast amount of existing geoscience,  engineering, field operational and financial data, usually in different formats.

Data integration will involve combining these different type of data.

Once integrated, the quality of the data will be validated to confirm  its legitimacy. When data is ready, we will use appropriate geoscience and engineering tools (software) to undertake the interpretation of the data.

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Evaluation and Field Reactivation

Demand in global energy and the right price stimulate looking at shut in or producing oil fields that in the past were considered non-profitable. These mature fields have typically produced on average 20-30% of recoverable oil volume. After the depletion by primary production, various recovery techniques can be applied to increase the productive life on a reservoir.

We will look into the subsurface and surface aspects of your project. Within the subsurface, our dedicated Team of expert geoscientists, petroleum engineers and energy economists professionals, will support your organization in the re-evaluation of your producing properties, determining its oil & gas value, specifically focusing on the by-passed resources and reserves.

An important aspect of the evaluation, will be to analyze and evaluate any existing well drilling and completion equipment.

At the surface level, and depending on the type of project, primary, secondary or EOR production, we will analyze all aspects relevant to your operation, including your production and surface facilities.

(From AAPG 2015)

EIA projects 28% increase in world energy use by 2040

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Static/Dynamic Modeling

Static data, (seismic, well logs, cores) acquired during the exploration and production activities is interpreted and integrated to build a geological (Static) geocellular model of a reservoir. This Static model is then input into a reservoir simulator, together with additional data, as pressure and fluid production from wells, to build the Dynamic reservoir model. This reservoir model provides reservoir engineers with a basis to simulate the reservoir behavior with time and build different simulated production scenarios. This reduces risk and allows for more realistic economic analysis and evaluation.

Dynamic reservoir model

(From SEG Wiki 2019″)

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Reservoir and Production Engineering

Our Reservoir engineers will analyze oil and gas well performance. Working in conjunction with our geoscientists, Reservoir engineers will conduct reserves evaluations and forecast production.

Our Production engineers will analyze the practical aspects of the field operations in order to address issues to optimize production and enhance injection patterns.

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Resources and Reserves Assessment

Estimation of Resources and Reserves is one the main objectives when conducting oil field evaluations.  Several methods are used to estimate the resources and reserves. The calculations will depend on the  phase of the project and its corresponding available data, if exploration, development, production phase, (primary, secondary, Tertiary), or mature fields. The estimation will strictly follow the guidelines published by SPE’s, Petroleum Resources Management System-2018.

Resources Classification Framework from PRSM 2018

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IOR-EOR, heavy oil Projects

In the next decade, (2020-2030), 15% to 20% of worldwide oil production will come from EOR methods.

Looking at worldwide data from past and current producing oil fields, it is estimated that after primary production, assuming a RF of 20%, around 15% to 30% of additional oil initially in-place (OIIP) is still left in the reservoir.

We are experienced in the application of IOR/EOR methods to produce additional hydrocarbons.

IOR, Advanced Recovery and  EOR, Enhanced Recovery, are the two methods to utilize to produce the oil left behind!

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